Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 10, 2012 | Bahamas Cruise Day 2

Day 223 | August 10, 2012 - Friday
Today was by far the most memorable day of the trip. The day started off rainy as we docked at the beautiful island of Nassau, Bahamas. By the time we all walked off the ship and got in our taxi the rain had stopped and the weather was perfect. We arrived at our destination--a beautiful beach just west of Atlantis. Crystal clear blue waters, soft sand, and cold beers...life was good. Until...
I realized my bag was missing. My bag with my life in it. My license, sail and sign card, credit cards, CAMERAS, phone, everything was in that bag. We made a stop along the way and my mistake by putting someone else in charge of the bag because they forgot it on a bench. Thankfully, our taxi driver was still near by and offered to stop and see if the bag was still on the bench. I knew there was no way that bag was still sitting there and thirty agonizing minutes later the driver walked up with my bag.
I was finally able to take a few photos by missed out on riding the jet ski's. In the end, it was a learning experience and we all were able to still enjoy our day.

Loved having my GoPro with it's waterproof case

Crazy boys!!!

Sad there was a water drop right over our faces...even if Saucy was giving us bunny ears!

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