Wednesday, August 29, 2012

August 29th | Kelsey's 10 months old

Day 242 | August 29, 2012 - Wednesday
TEN month already!!!
So Kelsey's stats are 16 lbs 9oz and 28½ inches tall (little peanut). It seems as if Kelsey is developing quicker then I remember Connor did, even though that was 10 years ago. I never would have imagined she would be walking only 10 months but she's doing it. She wants to be a part of everything her brother and sisters are doing and follows them where ever they go. He new favorite thing is taking the clothes out of the dresser and playing with the remote or phone. Kelsey has also become quite the talker and now babbles mama, dada, and ya. She looks you right in the eye as if she's having a conversation...we talk about all kinds of things:)


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