Tuesday, January 29, 2013

January 29, 2013

Today was Kelsey's first visit to the dentist. I know she's only 15 months old but I feel it's important to get a head start on tooth care with the little ones. I'm kicking myself for forgetting the camera in the car an relying way too much on my phone to take these important moment.

We arrived at Barnes and McDonnell Pediatric Dentistry (the same dentist I take Connor, Paige, and Bree) were Kelsey picked out her own tooth brush and Miss Michelle taught us how to care for our teeth. Kelsey is very timid with men so I was a little nervous for her to meet Dr. McDonnell but she really surprised me and allowed him to get close enough to look at her teeth. She got a thumbs up and we'll be back in one year for her next visit!

Darn you mommy and you big ole' thumb!

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