Wednesday, January 9, 2013

January 7th through 9th, 2013


You know that moment when you realize the house got too quite? I thought for sure I was going to walk into their bedroom to find all of the clothes pulled from their dresser drawers...I was sooo wrong. Sweet Paige was reading a bedtime store to her sissy's :)



I can't tell you how many times Paige has put headbands or clips in her hair or put on necklaces and asked me to take her picture. She'll usually come up to me and say "Awe...she is so precious. SMILE"



If I'm looking for Connor I first check to see if he's playing video games, then look to see if he's on the computer or kindle. Tonight he was watching videos on my iphone. 
P.S. I never realize how fun it is to shoot in low-light! The room was pitch black with only the phone lighting up his face.

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