Tuesday, February 19, 2013

February 18th and 19th, 2013

Seizure monster strikes again! 

While watching television early last night it became quiet in Paige's room...finally, she was asleep. Then I heard this grunting sound. At first I thought it was Connor's tv then I got that feeling--the feeling I get every time one of the girls has a seizures. It must be my mother-of-a-epileptic instinct because every time I get the sinking gut feeling I open the door to find Paige convulsing on the floor. She had only been seizing for a few minutes before I found her and was able to administer the Diazepam. After 25 minutes, and no relief from the constant seizing, drooling, labored breathing, and vomiting, I decided to give her a second dose. Two minutes later she started to come out of it. 

She was up most of the night with stomach cramps (a typical side effect of the diazepam). She finally fell asleep around midnight and didn't wake up till after 12pm. As usual, she's very dopey and stumbles as she walks. Thankfully there was no paralysis with this seizure...found her just in time.


Instead of getting frustrated with her hands constantly in reaching in the sink while I try to do the dishes, I embrace it and treat it as a learning experience for her. I pull up a chair, hand her the sponge and let her 'play'. 

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