Tuesday, July 24, 2012

July 22 through July 24

All of these images were shot with my GoPro Hero Naked. I'm still learning it's capabilities and unfortunately have many blurry images. I will be posting a review on my professional blog next week!

Day 204 | July 22, 2012 - Sunday
I felt a tickle at my toes while I was working this morning and who did I find...Miss Kelsey! 


Day 205 | July 23, 2012 - Monday
The count down is on to our family cruise in a few short weeks and I'm busting my hump to get in shape. Tonight it was all or nothing so I did 60 minutes/1.4 miles and burned 954 calories!!! I was dripping with sweat, beet red, and high on adrenaline...felt so good! Just wish the screen would have exposed correctly so everyone could see :(


Day 206 | July 24, 2012 - Tuesday
Today was Kelsey's 9 month well visit with her pediatrician. It was just three short months ago that we were here for her last visit and she was only just starting to sit on her own--look at her now! She's standing up and attempting to take her first steps. Her visit went well (above average for height, on the small size for weight and head circumference) and we'll be back on Halloween for her one year visit.

We also visited the local library. We played with all the toys, read (aka. ate) a couple books and meet a few new friends. The best part of the whole trip was stepping back and watching her interact with the other children. She was so cute sharing toys, watching everyone play, and crawling all over.

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