Sunday, July 29, 2012

July 29th | 9 months old

Day 211 | July 29, 2012 - Sunday
Miss Kelsey is nine months old today. So much has happened in just four short weeks. She now weighs 16lbs 3oz and is 28 inches tall. She has become a pro-crawler and has her own unique way of doing it since our home is tile and wood floors. She pulled herself up to standing this month and started cruising along the furniture...I'm sure she'll be taking her first steps this next month. 

She loves to play with her sisters now, especially Bree. Getting into cabinets and playing in her playhouse is how she fills her day. She's starting to self-feed now and is eating food similar to Paige and Bree but in smaller pieces (chicken, corn, peas, and pasta are her favorites right now).

 She's an amazing sleeper; going to bed at 8:30pm and waking at 7:30 most mornings. Kelsey has finally gotten into a nap routine and goes down around 10:00am and 1:00pm with a cat nap after dinner.

 She's wearing size 3 diapers and is in 9-12m clothes. Kelsey even has a few pairs of shoes in size 2 for dressing up.  

She's starting too pull her little bows off so but she's finally growing some hair, so maybe she'll wear cute clips soon :)

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