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June 30th | Joshi/Rousseau Wedding Day 2

Day 182 |June 30, 2012 - Saturday
Today is the day of the formal Hindu Wedding ceremony that will take place at the Taj Boston. 

We arrived at the hotel for an early check in and headed over the Cheers for and early lunch.  Kelsey has been such an angel this whole time until she found the mini bar...

...drink up mama. Just kidding--it's a shampoo bottle.

 It was pretty awesome to be in front of the actual bar that was filmed at the beginning of every Cheers episode. The inside looked nothing like the actual series set but it was still pretty cool.

Pete and I shared the "Norm Burger" (delish) and few beers in our Cheers mugs before heading back to the hotel. We walked through the Boston Public Garden.

Here's the view from the hotel room...beautiful!

We were invited to Michael's room to see him before the Barat. His mom placed the turban on his head and his sister placed the sehra over his face after it was blessed by the family.

Michael's sister Danielle (in the purple) was a big part of this portion of the ritual.

Everyone headed outside for the Barat and to see Michael mount the white horse. It was quite the experience as we walked down Arlington Street in front of the groom chanting and dancing along with the drummer, making as much noise as we could. We attracted a large crowd of on-lookers along the way. The Barat lasted for about 45 minutes--long enough in the June heat--before we arrived at the Taj for the rest of the ceremony.

I did record some of the craziness!

Unfortunately, this was Kelsey's nap/feeding time so I missed Gita's entrance. I was able to see the Arrival of the Groom and Ganesha Puja

The groom is escorted to the mandapam by his family members and friends, and is received by the bride’s parents.  He prepares himself for the ensuing marriage rites by performing a purification ceremony. This ceremony begins with a prayer to Lord Ganesha, who is the remover of all obstacles and symbolizes truth, friendship, and happiness.  

By the time I made it back I was able to see the Agnihomam

A small fire is lit and the couple offers prayers to Agni, the God of fire, by placing butter and herbs into the flames.  Agni dispels the ignorance from our lives and leads us to eternal light and knowledge.

and the Saptapadi.

The couple takes seven steps around the fire, symbolic of the seven steps of life.  With each step, the couple takes a vow.

Then the guest enjoyed a two hour cocktail reception before heading to the ballroom for the rest of the festivities. It was an amazing evening with friends and family and an experience we'll never forget!

The cake was beautiful and delicious!

The bride and groom entered to loud applause and cheering.

Daddy got jealous of all the photos I was taking of Kelsey so he joined in.

There was even some entertainment with a few dances performed by Sangita's family and friends.

Sangita and her father shared a dance.
Michael and his mother Elaine shared a very emotional dance together...I had tears.

Congratulations Mr. & Mrs. Rousseau!

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