Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 12, 2013

Day 132

Today started like most Sundays. I usually get to sleep in but what that means is if you can sleep through the screaming and banging in your bedroom door than you can sleep. So, up and at 'em at 8:15am! I made the girls their usual Sunday breakfast, got them dress and went shopping for plants for the back yard. There was crying, yelling, hair pulling, shoe throwing, drinks spilled, buggers smeared into the hair...all before lunch. Then I came home, made the girls lunch, put Kelsey down for a nap, took the twins in the pool, got them dressed, woke up Kelsey, folded laundry, swept the floor, stopped fights, wiped stinky bottomsx3, picked up an entire box of cookies that were dumped out, pushed play 47 times in the dvr, feed them dinner, picked out their jammies, gave them a bath, read stories, kissed booboos, said 'No' for the bazillionth time, welcomed Connor home, put the girls to bed, caught up on Connor's weekend, started his Social Studies project.

Some days are tougher than others but I love my little kiddos and I would trade them for the world. 

(Random cell phone pics from throughout the day)

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