Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Week Three | Day 18

Every six months we load up the minivan with snacks, books, movies, and crazy kids for our three hour tip to Tampa to visit Shriner's Hospital. These trips are for Paige and Bree to evaluate their bracing, wheelchair, and positioning issues. The photo below was taken while we waited in the evaluation room...

Our stay at the hospital is quite long...usually 4-5 hours. Below Paige is pacing around the waiting area with Pete.

Kelsey was great during the visit...slept most of the time. You can see Bree in the background eating fruit loops.

I had to get at least one photo with me in it.

I just love they way Connor adores his little sister...melts my heart :)

Final stop was at the Orthotics Dept. Paige is being molded for her new AFO's.

They use a material similar to casts to take a mold of her foot. Thankfully it sets quick...this is not Paige's favorite activity.

You can see some of the marks on her right foot were they mark all the high points to watch out for. After the casting sets they cut off and label them.

The final braces will be ready in four weeks were we will load up the van again for another full day at Shriner's.

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