Friday, September 14, 2012

September 11th through 13th

Day 255 | September 11, 2012 - Tuesday
Today was an awful day...the stomach bug that got Bree over the weekend and Paige yesterday got me this morning. It was so bad that I couldn't even get the girls dressed for school. So, I spent the entire day all by myself with three screaming girls, a nauseous stomach, horrible backache, fever, sweats--pretty miserable.
 There was not enough energy left in me to even lift my camera so I told Connor to grab it and take a few pictures of what ever he wanted. He chose Kelsey and her little teethies :-D


Day 256 | September 12, 2012 - Wednesday
It's's's here. I've waited for this day for a long time...the day my business would be successful enough that I could upgrade to my dream camera. I was like to kid on Christmas morning when it arrived--ripping into the box to finally see it, hold it, press that shutter button and take that first image. 

...and this is the first image I took!

I put my favorite lens on ( my 50mm 1.4) and took Connor outside to see what it could really do. The DOF (depth of field) on this camera is absolutely amazing compared to my 50d...

and look at the amazing bokeh! I'm so freakin' excited to get out and shoot with this and see what else I've been missing out on.


Day 257 | September 13, 2012 - Thursday
I thought the nasty stomach bug that got us girls was gone but poor Connor saw it last night. He stayed home from school to recover but by the afternoon he must have felt better--I caught him playing video games instead of resting.

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