Tuesday, December 18, 2012

December 16th through 18th

Day 351 | December 16, 2012 - Sunday
I've made every effort this year to not spend Christmas Eve wrapping all the gifts. I started wrapping on the weekends while Connor was at his dad's. Unfortunately Paige wised up to what I was doing and wanted to open all the gifts...I had to rewrap quite a few. I decided to wrap one of her dolls to keep her preoccupied...it worked!


Day 352 | December 17, 2012 - Monday
We are seriously going on like two weeks with this nasty cold that has finally taken over Kelsey and me. She is so miserable, can't breath without coughing, can't sneeze without blowing boogers everywhere...it's awful!


Day 353 | December 18, 2012 - Tuesday
A little holiday light bokeh for a sweet baby girl

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