Tuesday, December 25, 2012

December 25th

Day 360 | December 25, 2012 - Tuesday
Merry Christmas!!!
This year was one crazy holiday season. For the first year ever I had all of the gifts wrapped a week early, I barely got any baking done, and gift were put under the tree at 10:30 Christmas morning. Connor stayed at his dad's house last night and I wanted to the girls to wait until Connor go home so everyone could open their gifts together. It wasn't until after noon before the unwrapping started. 

The girls were given a new table with four chairs so they could all sit together.

You should have seen Connor's face when he saw this bike. 

It was driving Kelsey nuts that she couldn't touch the gifts.

So I caved and gave her one to open.

Then Paige wanted one too.

Bree and Kelsey enjoyed some pancakes on their new table.

Auntie Lisa came and surprised Kelsey with diamond earrings...finally got her ears pierced!

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