Tuesday, November 27, 2012

November 26th and 27th

Day 331 | November 26, 2012 - Monday

With Christmas around the corner, deciding on what gifts to get the girls is always a challenge. Then I realized it really isn't that difficult. Paige found an old case of blank discs that I no longer needed and created her own toy. She played with these discs for three days straight...dumping the discs on the floor, picking them up, putting them back in the bin, and dumping out again. This is an activity she becomes consumed with, no matter what it is (clothes in a hamper, cereal in a bowl...you get the idea!).


Day 332 | November 27, 2012 - Tuesday
Connor quickly caught this photo as I stood by and watched Kelsey take my shoes and put them on her feet to go for a walk. It was the cutest thing I'd seen...too bad it's so out of focus :(

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