Thursday, November 22, 2012

November 22nd

Day 327 | November 22, 2012 - Thursday
Thanksgiving Day!
Like most days, today was quite hectic. Runny around the house getting the kids dress, diaper bag packed, toys and highchairs loaded in the care...we headed of to dinner at Pete's mom's. Before we left I had the kids go outside for a few photos. I had Connor take a couple of me with the girls and this one ended up being my favorite. 

Let me caption it for you...

Me : Okay girls...SMILE!
Bree : Mommy, you're hugging me too tight. 
Paige : Bree, mommy said to look that way!
Kelsey : Paige, since when did you become the boss!

It's near impossible to get a single picture with everyone looking at the you saw in the previous photos. It's true to life though...Paige's eyes are always closed, Bree is always looking down, and Kelsey is running off.

 I only had the chance to snap a few of the kids nibbling on food before we all sat down to eat. 

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