Thursday, June 14, 2012

June 12th and June 13th

Day 164 | June 12, 2012 -Tuesday
Bree thinks it's hilarious to be "naughty" by climbing up on chairs. She knows she's not supposed to be up that high because she may fall (she has no startle reflex and will not brace herself in a fall). She'll climb up and in her quite little innocent voice say " I a naughty naughty girl mommy!".


Day 165 | June 13, 2012 - Wednesday
Kelsey will spend part of her day in her pack-n-play ( for safety reasons--namely, keeping her away form Paige and Bree). Now that she is sitting, she is also more mobile and is starting to pull up on things. So, we had to remove the insert and lower her into it...her bed is next!

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