Tuesday, June 26, 2012

June 23rd through June 26th

Day 175 | June 23, 2012 - Saturday
The family went shopping for a few last minute outfits for our trip to Boston...can't remember the last time we'd been to the mall.


Day 176 | June 24, 2012 - Sunday
I purchase some bangles to wear to the Hindu wedding we are attending but I'm not sure Paige will let me take them...she played with them for hours.


Day 177 | June 25, 2012 - Monday
Finding time to do anything for myself is easier said than done. I so wanted to get some quiet time and go out for a mani/pedi but with all four kids home that was soooo not going to happen. So I did them myself...I feel so pretty when my toes look pretty.


Day 178 | June 23, 2012 - Tuesday
Paige N E V E R lets me put her hair up in ponytails or clips but today she walked up to me with one in her hand and asked to "do pretty" in her hair. She left it in there for over an hour...she looks so much older. 
My baby is growing up.

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