Wednesday, June 20, 2012

June 17th through June 19th

Day 169 | June 17, 2012 - Sunday
Happy Father's Day!
Not enough is said about how much dad's do for the family now-a-days. They are more involved in the care and everyday activities of their children then ever before. The best example of that is Pete. After working an 11 hour day he always comes home to his girls and gives each and every one of them special, individual attention, helps with bath "tubbie" time, getting jammies on, giving Paige and Bree their meds, and putting the girls to bed. I love him for all that he does and there's nothing more amazing then watching the girls' faces light up when daddy walks in the door.


Day 170 | June 18, 2012 - Monday
The first attempts at crawling have proved successful! Miss Kelsey is on the move and even though she may only move a few "crawls" at a time it will be soon when she'll be off and there will be no stopping her. 


Day 171 | June 19, 2012 - Tuesday
On our way to Bree's weekly PT session I put the GoPro on the dash to catch a few images of the new seating configuration. Since Miss Paige can't keep her hands to herself, Bree has moved up to the middle row and Paige is front and center in the third row (for optimal visualization!). Plus there's the awesome rainbow halo...

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