Thursday, March 28, 2013

March 25-28, 2013


We made cupcakes today. Bree was the only one who would eat one and they were so yummy. Paige wanted to eat all the robin eggs off the top and poor Kelsey had a tummy ache and didn't eat anything. But Bree, she had a smile from ear to ear and ate every last bit.



Sometimes it's just easier to give the girls a bath in the kitchen sink. Bending over the tub, lifting the girls in and out of the get to be hard on the back. So, today I have the girls a 'sinkie'.



The girls and wore purple today for a very special reason. Today is National Epilepsy Awareness Day and to honor that and help bring awareness to those who may not know about epilepsy and seizure disorders. Most of you know that our twins, Paige and Bree, suffer from tonic-clonic seizures. We're hopeful for a cure one day and will do everything we can to do our part in finding that cure.



I'm such a sucker for a big smile and happy faces. An impromptu trip to Toys R Us lead to the purchase of a new train table. 
After watching all three girls complete engrossed in playing with the trains, running them along the tracks, making choo choo sounds--it was just to cute and I knew I had to have this at home. It was pretty late by the time I finished building the table and getting the tracks put together but they've played with it every day since it was brought home.

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