Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 24th

Day 298 | October 24, 2012 - Wednesday
Choot 'em Elizabeth...choot 'em!
Yes that was a corny "Swamp People" reference.
I was finally asked to go shooting with Pete today at a nearby rifle and pistol range for an adult day out. Pete recently purchased a new rifle and was antsy to get out and shoot it and when he asked if I wanted to go I was a little scared. I'd never shot a gun before and certainly never shot a rifle but knew it had to be something I had to try and know how competitive I am, something I had to be good at.
*all images shot with GoPro Hero which I dropped and scratched the lense :( and my phone.

Don't ask me what kind of rifles we shot...I have no idea. We brought two different kinds...I shot both but preferred the smaller one.

Here I am lining up my sights with the target that we set 50 yards out. Pete normal shoots 100 yards but I wanted to start closer to work on my accuracy.

And here is my target sheet...not too shabby for a first timer on a gun to adjusted for me. 

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