Thursday, October 18, 2012

October 17th

Day 291 | October 17, 2012 - Wednesday
It was a loooong day and I'm so glad it's over and I don't have to do it for another nine more months.

Our bi-yearly trips to Shriners Children's Hospital is always a full-day event with a five hour round-trip card ride and lengthy hospital visit. Today was no exception and started off with a detour through Tampa. Crying, screaming, constant chattering finally got to me after our 2.5 hour drive there that I missed the exit and had to navigate all through Tampa to get back around to the hospital. Luckily I have myself an extra 30 minutes because we ended up checking in right on time. Didn't help though, as we spend the next hour and 40 minutes in the waiting room. I was beginning to feel like one of the red rubber balls at the end of that long string that gets hit by the paddle--back and forth between Kelsey, then Paige, then Bree. They called our name and I sighed...

We  headed back to the first room of many where we were then told we would need to go to x-ray. Made that long trek and 15 minutes later we were done and headed back to the original room. 20 minutes later the dr. came in, evaluated the girls, showed the results to the x-rays and said "see you in 9 months". Seating came in (took Bree's wheelchair for some adjustments) then Orthotics came in for their braces. 

We ended our appointment in the Orthotics and Prosthetics Department were they made some slight adjustments to both girls AFOs and gave them new straps and pads. It's now 6PM...our appointment was scheduled for 2pm and we were just now leaving for our 2.5 hour drive back. After stopping for dinner and changing of diapers, the pouring down rain that cause 4 miles of backed up traffic b/c of a vehicle accident, and missing the NSB exit (YES...I did it again!) and driving to Daytona before heading back home, we made it! It was nearly 10pm now and we were completely exhausted. Not one of the kiddos slept in the care...not even Kelsey, so bedtime couldn't come quick enough.

*Takes deep breath*

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