Friday, October 5, 2012

October 3rd through October 5th

Day 277 | October 3, 2012 - Wednesday
See that huge bruise on Paige's forehead? That dark area just about her eyebrow. The seizure monster did that! Yup, Paige had a seizure this morning (Bree had one yesterday). We're not sure if she fell out of bed as she was seizing or if she fell asleep on the floor (as she sometimes does) and banged her head against the wall she was laying by. My sweet baby girls go through too much for their fragile little bodies :(


Day 278 | October 4, 2012 - Thursday
Kelsey and I had our first lunch out together. I've never taken her to lunch because she hasn't started eat solid food until recently (she cut four of her top teeth at the same time). We decided on Chik-fil-a and Kelsey enjoyed the chick strip and applesauce. We even had time to play in the play area...she was so adorable toddling around from activity to activity. 


Day 279 | October 5, 2012 - Friday
Putting her to work already!
While stepping away from my daily vacuuming I find Miss Kelsey picking up where I left off. She was so adorable pushing and pulling--big smile on her face like she was mommy little helper.

Here's a video of Kelsey in action

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