Tuesday, October 30, 2012

October 29th

Day 303 | October 29, 2012 - Monday

I still can't believe I have three daughters with the same birthday. The day started off with Kelsey and I bringing cupcakes to the girls school. All the teachers and children sang to the girls, enjoyed their cupcakes, then read a story. Later that day Pete's mom and our friend Janet came by to open gifts and eat cake. It was a perfect day for my perfect little princesses.

 The girls received lots of cute clothes and Kelsey got a new carseat. Practical gifts, I know, but that's what they needed. I also decided to hand over the camera to Connor while the girls open gifts so that I could participate--he did a pretty good job.

Janet made the girls their birthday cake. Strawberry cake with fresh strawberries, bananas, custard filling, and cream cheese/whipped topping icing...yummo!!!

She put each girls' name on it. Paige...


and little Kelsey

 I put each girl in the chair with the cake and tiara and sang to each one individually.

 Then it was Bree's turn.

 And finally Kelsey! 

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